Who We Are

We're a company that truly wants to help you succeed on a diet. Period.

We have developed the world's first "DIET Catalyst™!" What is that exactly? Well, a catalyst is something that accelerates and enhances a reaction without being consumed itself in the reaction (i.e., transparent to the reaction). The DIETtrifecta™ report is transparent to literally every diet and weight loss program in the marketplace. The report is written specifically for you with the purpose of accelerating and enhancing the effects of your own diet program based on your behavioral style, drives and motivators, and the social environment that provides for maximum success.

The two people responsible for this "revolutionary" concept?

Russell Watson, Ed.D. and Patti Zikmund.

Russ developed the concept and DIETtrifecta™ report. He has presented on the topics of behavioral style and values at conferences around world for the past three decades. As a full-time professor of psychology for over 25 years, he worked to refine the science behind the report design. He has consulted with a variety of companies from mid-sized to Fortune 10.

Patti has international experience in working with behavioral style and values and has worked with Russ for the past 5 years. Along with being a triathlete and an avid runner who has competed in multiple marathons, road races and multiport events, she is certified as a Spinning® Instructor, WKC Fitness Trainer (Kettlebells) and is currently being certified as an ACE Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach. Patti brings an awareness of nutrition and fitness for optimal lifestyle and results.

We offer 4 amazing services. We urge you to at least try the FREE report, which will answer these 3 simple questions for you:

  • How do you approach your diet?
  • What are your motivators for being successful?
  • What social environment will provide maximum success?

While our DIET-Try is a basic 10 page report - we offer 3 additional services to you - depending on the amount of detail and analysis you desire.

We know we can help you diet smarter. By uncovering the answers you really need for successful dieting ...you'll be well on your way.

Health is in you - we're here to find it together.

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