Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why Diettrifecta?

Because there is no other design available that takes an in-depth look at: Your behavioral style, your drives and motivators, and the social environment where you'll get the best results. It's that simple. Our assessment is transparent to ANY weight loss product or process in the marketplace, and can therefore help you get better results even if you've already started a weight loss program.

2. Why do I need to know my personal behaviors and motivators?

Because your behavioral style determines HOW you go about dieting, and your motivators determine WHY you are wanting to lose weight, i.e., the things that drive you to succeed. Our design illuminates both of these and amplifies your ability to reach the successful goals you've set.

3. What do I get with each report?

We're here to help you. The best way to discover what each reports details is through our Services Table.

With our courtesy report, you'll receive information to begin to be more successful with your weight loss goals. Specifically, you'll receive: A Personal Success Statement based on the unique pattern of your responses, information on: HOW you go about dieting, drives and motivators to help you succeed, and the social environment where you'll do your best. IF you choose to purchase one of our more detailed reports (we have three additional levels), you'll get increasingly more detailed and beneficial information. Our free DIET-Try™ report is 10 pages long. Our DIET-Triad™ report, 16 pages. Our DIET-Trifecta™ report, 30 pages, and our DIET-TripleCrown™ is 47 pages. Each report is filled with information based on the unique constellation of your responses to the DIETtrifecta™ instrument.

Check out the Services Table to identify what level of report is best for you.

4. Why do diets generally NOT work?

All diet programs would work perfectly as they were built, IF we were all clones, one from another. Because we're all unique individuals, we need very specific guidance in order to maximize our success. For example, if you're an impatient dieter, you've tried dozens of weight loss products, and said that none of them work! Why? Because you've started a program on Monday, and because you didn't lose 18 pounds by Tuesday morning, you concluded that the diet program was a failure. Some people are 'social' dieters and are most successful when dieting with a friend or colleague. Some people like to chart and graph their progress, others toss out the chart. We've studied the dieting behaviors and motivators of people since our early work in 1984, and have compiled everything we've learned into this designů all of it to help you succeed. We do not sell weight loss products, nor do we endorse any. We've designed a process that will help you succeed, regardless of the weight loss program that you've selected.

5. Why do people stop going to the gym or working out?

Because they lose motivation, desire, and the will to continue. Why does that happen? Because whatever they're doing isn't providing either the environment or the feedback they need in order to maximize their success. Some people like structure, and perhaps the structure isn't fine-tuned for optimal success. Some people like to mix-it-up, and want to avoid structure, and they feel bound by the constraints of the system. Lots of reasons why. We highlight these behaviors in our reports and within our DIET-Tribe member forum. Click on any of the sample reports under our Services tab for more details.

6. How can the report help me choose a weight loss plan?

If you're not yet on a weight loss plan, the report may help illuminate some specific things to look for, based on the HOW, WHY, and social CULTURE in which you'll get the best results. You may find an 'a-ha' piece of insight that will direct you to the pathway to success.

7. Why is this method better than others?

It's better than other methods because there is really no other design like this in the marketplace, or in national research. No other weight loss design compiles unique data for YOU based on the HOW, WHY, and WHAT that is needed for you to reach optimal success.

8. How do I maximize my results?

First, by applying your "Personal Success Statement" to everything you do related to your diet. Next, by becoming aware of the specific factors that have led to your previous failure to reach your desired results, (yes, your failure - diets don't fail, people do). Finally, by amplifying those areas of the HOW, WHY, and WHAT regarding your DIETtrifecta™ pathway to success!

9. Can I apply my results to life outside of dieting?

While this is a report that is directed to dieting and weight loss success, you'll instantly see areas where you can connect to other lifespace directions: Job, career, relationships, etc.

10. What can I get in the member forum that I can't find online somewhere?

Our member forum is unique, because it creates a town-hall meeting environment for your peers who have their own reports, know their behavioral styles, drives and motivators, and who can share successes that they've had as a result of this process. Most importantly, you have access to personalized training, yoga instruction and nutrition tips catered to your specific behaviors and drives.

Can you get that information anywhere else online? No. We encourage you to explore the Member Forum.

Health is in you - let's find it together.

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