We developed the DIETtrifecta concept in 1983 and published it in 1984 under the name, "Weight Management Lifestyle Inventory", and used it with success in a medical setting in the Chicago area for several years. We also used it with success as an ancillary for a nutrition-based weight-loss food company, all as a paper-based instrument. In the twenty-seven years since first publication, research into behavioral style, values, and social support have continued with great vigor. Additionally, in the past twenty-seven years no one else has discovered this missing-link niche to increase weight loss success. We now offer it as an on-line weight loss process that is transparent to any existing weight loss product or system.

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DIETtrifecta - Building the Case

We've often wondered why so many people fail at losing weight. It's really a question of: Is it the person, or is it the program? Who is to blame? Who is failing?

When you think about it, it's so simple. It's just a matter of decreasing the amount of food intake, and increasing one's physical activity. Yet, almost everyone fails. And of those who do succeed in taking off weight, many fail to maintain their lower weight.

Therefore, when we look at the variables of why some succeed and some fail, it appears that behavioral style and values are the variables that lead to success or failure. Since the only external variables involved in losing weight are food intake and physical activity, it becomes obvious that a change in behavior regarding eating and activity is required.

We have learned that if personal programs are built which take into account one's behavioral style, motivators, and environment of social support, we could predict and suggest the best approaches for each individual, based on their behavioral style and motivators.

From our research, we have seen that programs, which are compatible with one's behavioral style and motivators, are the most successful because they require the least amount of change in behavior. These programs emphasize building on the positive aspects of one's behavioral style, and reducing the negative influences. This DIETtrifecta program amplifies one's strengths and increases one's level of awareness regarding their weaknesses so that problems are anticipated in advance, and potential barriers are overcome. Therefore, the program lends itself to enabling continual improvement of one's pathway to success in reaching their goals, large or small.

This program allows us to predict and prevent plateaus and failures that prompt many people to give up on themselves and give up on the weight loss program that they're using. In essence, we help you avoid mismatches, and offer you clear techniques you can use to increase your success.

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