Why We Started

Just as we have unique interests and talents, so also do we choose different careers to amplify our strengths.

All people are different.

We have different tastes in food, clothing, travel, housing, and many other things. Because of our different tastes, we also have different needs. These needs also apply to weight loss programs.

Unfortunately, it's very difficult to obtain a unique weight loss design in the mass marketplace. Therefore, we have a plethora of good, but generic, weight loss programs that would work very well - if we were clones. Some of us need quick answers, few details, and bottom-line results. Others feel uncomfortable by rapid change and need to feel more secure by slower change and a complete understanding of the concepts before they get involved.

That is why this program was developed.

This project represents many years of research in the field of human behavior and motivators. We based it on solid principles of behavioral style, intrinsic motivation, and social support. It serves to specify the unique drivers and motivators for each person to maximize their success using any existing weight loss service.

This represents the first time an online instrument is used to enable anyone to increase his or her success toward their weight loss goals.

Health is in you - let's find it together.

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